Into the woods

He is back. He knows that I will be visiting the place where we last met.

“Did you miss me?”  he whispers as he strokes the palm of my left hand.

I flinch but I do not answer back.

I love the red gum trees and the huge rocks that surround me in this trail. These woods can hide anyone who does not want to be found and that comforts me. A lace monitor climbs a tree. One cannot help but stop and marvel at that beauty but I have better things to do. I continue to walk towards the creek.

“I brought a gift for you. I do not want you to think that you have left my mind even for a second.”

I pause and look at him. He takes my hand, places a dead rose and then he closes it.  Despite everything that happened between us I cannot deny the fact that we are a good match. He knows me well. My heart starts to sink. I drag my feet towards our sacred spot.

“You will never get rid of me, you know that, right?”

He chuckled. The wind as if to laugh with him rattle the leaves of trees. That does not stop me.

Twenty more steps towards our holy ground.

It has been four days when we broke up at this piece of land. The bushes witnessed my pain that day. He screamed at me and called me names as I cried. I had to wash all the blood in my hands as the birds sang their song in a melody of my misery. It was too much.

I grab his cold hand and give the dead rose back to him. I can’t close his hand now.

“They have been looking for you. I won’t tell them where you are now. Don’t worry. I told them that we broke up a week ago and I have not heard from you since. I might have mentioned that you’re probably hiding at Jennifer’s place.”

He does not respond.

“I just came here to see if you are still here. I haven’t slept for days thinking about you being alone here. Do you miss me?”

He looks me in the eye with that soulless expression.

He has changed a lot. His heart along with his love for me starts to decompose so I take it out of his chest before it’s all gone.

I do not cover him. This time I am willing to share his body with others. Let the insects feast on him. I have his heart now.

I look at him for the last time, “Babe, I told you so. You will always be mine.”

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  1. eerie 👻

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  2. wendysmith2205 Avatar

    love the video that sets the mood 🖤

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