Half a life and a full work in Pyrmont: a photo series

Do you ever get that restless feeling as if you are suffering from the vertigo of time moving through you?

just like the white films
picturesque Pyrmont
before the fall
ideal than your coffee shop
come on, skinny love, just let me read
run for the exit
in between shadows
sunkissed hues
bedside blues

Apologies for my mediocrity:

Last September I spent most of my days at my day job trying not to fall asleep and my nights with another job trying not to lose my sanity. At some point I realised if I work too much I might end up hating what my life has become. Hence, I decided to dedicate at least one day of the week just to do anything that is not related to earning money or productivity. I bought a secondhand camera and walked around Pyrmont to take some photos. For the first time in a long time I actually felt quite pleased. I have always loved taking photos of places and people. Photography is something I want to be good at in the future but I do not want to pursue it professionally. I just want one thing in my life to be not about money. So, before I digress I hope you relish on my first batch of shots. I am still getting to know my camera and still learning the basics of photography so please understand why they don’t look great.

I hope September was kinder to you.

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